This article describes Ankaa as a roleplaying game. For info on Ankaa's geography, more details on the setting and it's history, visit Ankaa (world)

Ankaa is a roleplaying game hosted at Greed's Pub forums. It's a very diverse setting that takes place in a nearly recovered post apocalyptic world dominated by city-states. The setting is very modern for the most part, with some futuristic devices and locations that most citizens do not have access to. Protagonists can range from rebellious young golf-club wielding skater-punks living in the dumpy west side of Jardin del Vicio to lizard-men who work for secret operatives to ensure protection from otherworldly forces.

Character Creation and StructureEdit

Characters in Ankaa are designed with balance and individuality in mind, though balance is not pressed to the point of becoming a nuisance. Each character in Ankaa has their own special abilities, attacks and stats that are unique to them. No two characters can be built the same. Character abilities and attacks are designed by the players themselves and can be used in-game without any hass;e unless one of the administrators determines them to be overpowered or not detailed enough.

For a complete chart describing how to make a character bio for Ankaa, see Bio Template (Ankaa)

Storyline and NarrativeEdit

The story of Ankaa takes place exactly one hundred years after an event called the Eight Hour War, which just like the title says, was a war that lasted eight hours. During the Eight Hour War, a gate to hell was opened and demons poured out, rampaging and destroying Realta and it's residents, eliminating about sixty percent of all life in Realta in a time frame of eight hours. Thankfully, the gate was closed, and the aftereffects were dealt with, allowing the world to recover.

One hundred years later, countries no longer exist and are replaced with city-states and communities, which include gargantuan mega-cities such as JX City and Jardin del Vicio and several smaller villages like Yerir.

The world is overrun by monsters and leftover demons from the eight hour war, making it a very dangerous place to live in. Even so, the world has recovered a great deal, and society has in many ways built itself back up to the way it was before. Even better, perhaps, since non-humans are becoming more and more accepted in human-dominated societies. Some corporations actually reach out to non-humans, in attempts to boost their public image.

In typical RPG style however, something always seems to turn up that slows down society's recovery. Players and their characters in Ankaa generally end up getting involved in these issues, for either better or for worse, depending on the players' actions. It is up to the players to decide how they handle a number of issues that range from government conspiracies, to super-powered villains seeking ultimate power, to cosmic forces that threaten to destroy the already scarred world of Ankaa for good.

Administrators like Greed, Tokromar and SlvrNightX are responsible for creating story arcs that encourage player characters to work together to overcome a larger threat or issue. These arcs are more often than not connected to each other in small or major ways, giving the players the feeling that they're participating in the shaping of a large and detailed universe. Certain arcs focus on particular characters more than others, and it is up to the admins as well as the players themselves to make sure that every player's characters get shots in the spotlight. Administrators will often allow players to run their own arcs under guidance.

More and more content is created for Ankaa as it's storyline continues, leaving room for near-endless possibilities for adventure and discovery.