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"The world is bad enough. Why not try to make it better?"Edit

Carl Makkura is a very well-known character, having appeared in almost every RP in some form. He was created long before Chronicles of Sollius, but was one of the earliest characters to appear. He is Slvr's most used and favorite character.


Carl is an extremely negative person. He hates both himself and the world he lives in. His self-hatred is due to his hideous physical appearance and his inability to improve the world in any way. He hates the world he lives in because his world is, for the most part, a barren wasteland filled with tragedy, crime, and death.There are several city-states spread throughout this wasteland though. His favorite city is JX City, which is where he spends most of his time until after his defeat of the nearly-omnipotent Raijin Krizno. Carl's intense hatred often makes him look at situations in a half-empty way, much to the annoyance of his allies. His self-esteem is also extremely low, which makes him often think others are talking about him when, in reality, they are not. These faults in his personality make Carl a, sometimes, difficult person to befriend.

Carl seems to have a slight obsession with love and romance. He feels that the only comfort he has in his existence and the world is in the arms of another. While he rarely shows this obsession externally, his mind and heart are almost constantly thinking about love. This causes him to push potential friends away, for he feels that having just friends is not enough. The only reason this has been true for him is because he has not truly attempted to be fine with just his friends. This obsession with love greatly confuses Carl from time to time since he has no memories of his previous life.

Despite all these complications in his personality and mind, Carl has managed to gain a personal sense of justice and cannot stand when people are treated unfairly or abused. This urge to do good often overrides his hatred of his body and allows him to go out into the open to help others. He has been questioned about why he has such a sense of justice and such a desire to do good with his answer being: "The world is bad enough. Why not try to make it better?"

While his obsession with love and romance may push his friends away at times, he still truly cares for them and is often willing to suffer in place of them. This is because he cannot stand to see others suffer (same for people he dislikes) and does not mind too much if he suffers for them. This may have something to do with his hatred for himself.

Design and ConceptEdit

Carl's physical design was made because Slvr wanted to have a character who was, for the most part, based on him. He, like Carl, believes that he is hideous and would cover his face and entire body in dark clothing if he was actually able to. However, he also needed Carl to look "badass", hence the long black cloak, shadowed face, red eyes, chains, and scythes. These parts of the character's design were also partially inspired by the comic book character Spawn. This inspiration returned once again for the actual storyline of Carl. Much like Spawn, Carl was killed and resurrected to do the bidding of a demon. Although, unlike Spawn, Carl did not choose to be resurrected. Both have demonic powers and appearances, yet try to do good.

Carl's personality was also heavily inspired from his creator's. Most of Carl's personality quirks are present in Slvr as well. While the character has developed into a different personality when older, his most common-used version is still heavily based on Slvr's own personality. Much of Carl's actual conflicts, as well as other characters, are also based on situations, experiences, and people Slvr has encountered in real life.

Stats and AbilitesEdit

Carl Stat Chart

Carl has incredible strength, stamina, and speed. While his speed is the weakest out of those three, it is still very high. His main abilitiy, however, is his power to turn his body into dark energy. This allows him to shapeshift and makes his power limited by only his imagination. However, since this is dark energy, it can be countered by other kinds of energy, particularly Light/Holy. Energy-based attacks launched at Carl's darkness form will do colossal damage compared to them being launched at his normal form.

Carl is also extremely skilled with his chains, firearms, and two large scythes. He has mastered his own personal style of dual-scythe fighting and is a ferocious opponent when using said blades. His chains are mainly used for more strategic means that usually lead to a more devastating attack from his scythes or firearms. Carl's firearms, which consist of modified versions of normal guns (his modified ones fire his own energy, not bullets), are used for only long-range attacks. For some reason, he finds it annoying when people use a gun at close range.

A unique ability Carl has is the power to mentally control his scythes and chains, as both are deeply connected to his mind and soul. This gives is what gives him his incredible skill with these two weapons. The connection they have to him makes them feel like extensions of his body. It also allows him to fly on his scythes, allowing for fast traveling.

An odd thing about Carl is that the more damage he takes, the more powerful he will be once he heals. This has allowed his powers to evolve in different ways as he became involved in more battles and faced stronger opponents. His power of darkness has also branched into the manipulation of actual shadows. He is able to melt into shadows, giving him excellent stealth capabilities. He can also create portals of dark energy from one place to another. He has grown immune to all disease and toxins, including radiation.

Carl is blessed, or cursed depending on your view, with a very powerful healing factor. He is capable of regrowing limbs and organs, except for his head. In order for Carl to recover from a decapitation, his head must be placed back on his neck. It will then reattach itself. Until it is reattached, he will stay in a death-like state. If his head is destroyed, he will die.


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