"You depend on me too much, Krizno. I've always been around when you were in a
fight. Always around to pull you out of the fire...I think that may need to change."

The Carl Makkura seen in Ankaa. For more information on the design, creation, and other topics about Carl, look at his original article.


Carl has matured greatly throughout the years. It has been over a century since he had been resurrected by the demon Suzuki, and he had had many adventures through his second life. He is now more optimistic than he used to be, as he has accepted his physical appearance and lifestyle. This has allowed his mind to be less clouded by personal hatred and angst which lets him use his full intelligence and wisdom without much hindrance.

Despite his appearance, Carl is genuinely kind-hearted and hates unnecessary killing. He shows this every single day he guards JX City. Whenever he stops a criminal, he will always spare their life. There have been times though, where he has been forced to kill others because they would never change their ways. While the majority of the population knows this, they still fear him because of his incredible power. This fact often saddens Carl, for he does not want to be feared by the people he is trying to protect. Yet, no matter how often he has attempted to change this, the general populace of JX City still dreads him. This has caused him to isolate himself on the rooftop of the Jade Hotel, only leaving to investigate problems within the city and to defeat those who threaten it.

Carl deeply values those he can call friends. He has lost many in the past and for every single one he failed to protect, he vowed to never let another meet the same fate. He has managed to hold this vow for several decades. His love for his friends is the one main weakness the cloaked warrior has. His enemies have attempted to take advantage of it more than once, usually with catastrophic results...for them. His close friends include Suna, the woman who owns the Jade Hotel, Krizno, his disciple, Minu, a dancer at the Xeno Casino, and Xerxes, one of of his best and most powerful allies.

Having been alive for so long has given Carl a high intelligence, great wisdom, and excellent battle tactics. He has given advice to numerous people within JX City and, most of the time, it gave positive results. His friends often wonder how Carl can have such great wisdom and good advice, yet be unable to fix his own personal problems.

Design and ConceptEdit

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Stats and AbilitesEdit

Carl (Ankaa) Stat Chart

Carl has incredible strength, stamina, and speed. While his speed is the weakest out of those three, it is still very high. His main abilitiy, however, is his power to turn his body into dark energy. This allows him to shapeshift and makes his power limited by only his imagination. However, since this is dark energy, it can be countered by other kinds of energy, particularly Light/Holy. Energy-based attacks launched at Carl's darkness form will do colossal damage compared to them being launched at his normal form.

Carl is also extremely skilled with his chains, firearms, and two large scythes. He has mastered his own personal style of dual-scythe fighting and is a ferocious opponent when using said blades. His chains are mainly used for more strategic means that usually lead to a more devastating attack from his scythes or firearms. Carl's firearms, which consist of modified versions of normal guns (his modified ones fire his own energy, not bullets), are used for only long-range attacks. For some reason, he finds it annoying when people use a gun at close range.


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