Miku Ziel, drawn by Greed.

"Humanity's barely alive. People like you and Suzuki will just end up killing it. That's why I can't let you two go."Edit

Miku is one of Slvr's lesser known characters. She has seen no time in any RPs, even though she was one of Slvr's early original characters. Miku joined up with Silv back in the first graphic novel of his advenutures. For the most part, Miku's design has stayed unchanged. The only reason Miku has not been seen more often is because there are no more stories left to tell about her.


Miku has a massive lack of knowledge about the world and the way humanity is. This makes her incredibly naive and sensitive, even after having been active in the world for several years. While she no longer believes all people are kind, she is still easily deceived by people acting kind. Miku has difficulty grasping the truth when people betray her and, even if she barely knows the person, it will still deeply wound her heart.

She is far more forgiving than Silv. Miku believes that people always deserve second chances and was actually against the decision to kill Cloako. While Silv was able to explain that he would not have changed and that he had caused the deaths of over 60% of the human race, Miku was still upset that he had resorted to killing the demonic scientist.

Miku rarely gets angry, for she is extremely forgiving. However, she does have her limits. When someone endangers those she cares for she will shift into an almost entirely different person and her answer for these kinds of situations is, almost always, violence. Yet, somehow, she is always able to restrain herself from killing others. The only exception to this is when Miku was fighting the invading demons from Hell. She killed every single one she hit, as she had too many enemies attacking her at once to let herself hold back.

For some odd reason, Miku is capable of seeing the good within everyone. Some speculate she may have an ability to see a person's soul. This may explain why she became so close to Silv, despite his robotic body at the time. It was only after he gained a human body that she became fully comfortable with showing him the full extent of her feelings. Miku often hesitates at the beginning of battle because of this ability of hers. She often tries to think of ways to convince her opponent to join them or surrender. These attempts have never truly succeeded, but it has not discouraged her much at all.

Miku's love for Silv has, according to her, completed her. She had often felt an empty feeling at times before this and was very confused as to the cause of it. She had felt anger, sadness, and happiness, yet still felt empty. Love was the final thing Miku needed to feel in order to feel satisfied with herself. She does not care that her perception of the world and its people is naive. So long as she loves Silv and he loves her, she will be happy.

Design and ConceptEdit

Miku's personality and character concept were actually inspired by Lime from the anime Saber Marionette J. Both characters are created by humans and, therefore, artificial. Even though they're artificial, both have emotions. Although while Lime is mechanical, Miku is fully organic. Another similarity the two characters have is that they're both naive and quite cheerful.

Miku's abilities were decided upon the basis of a powerful, yet innocent, female character. The creator also needed a character that would help Silv's character develop. This was a rather large success, as Silv's desire to protect Miku from the harshness of the world helped him develop into a better, more heroic, character.

Stats and AbilitesEdit

Miku Stat Chart

Miku was created to be superhuman. Her strength, speed, and stamina are all much higher than an average human's. Her physical strength his probably her most powerful attribute, as it even outclasses Silv. She has enough brute strength to lift up a building with a small amount of effort and is even capable of swinging it like a baseball bat. Despite this monstrous power, Miku's physical appearance does not show it. While she does have some slight muscle, it is not nearly enough to display the incredible feats of strength she is capable of. Her speed is often used to add extra force into already-powerful attacks, while her stamina is needed for the strain her abilities put onto her body.

Despite Miku's naiveté she has incredible knowledge of the martial arts, hence her incredible combat abilities and calm thinking on the battlefield. She is a master of several styles including Karate, Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, Kickboxing, and Krav Maga. Silv questioned her once about how she knew such styles, yet Miku could only say she was "born" with them.

Miku has little knowledge in the use of her own energy. While she is capable of giving her physical attacks a little extra power by feeding energy into them, this is all she can do. Even then, she can only do this for a single attack and she cannot maintain this energy continuously.


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