Silv Namre, drawn by Greed.

"When faced by someone, equal or stronger, you all turn into spineless worms...the same as every psychopath I've faced...and I'm getting sick of it."Edit

Silv is one of Slvr's lesser known characters. He has seen limited time in any RPs, even though he was one of Slvr's very first original characters. Silv was the main character of his first two graphic novels (both over 400 pages each) and has had his design changed significantly. He is still on of his creator's favorite characters. The only reason Silv has not been seen more often is because there are no more stories left to tell about him.


Silv was originally a very difficult person to deal with, let alone befriend. He was immature, selfish, impatient, and not very bright. In his early adventures his lack of planning and strategizing got him and his friends into large amounts of trouble. His selfishness had also turned potential allies into enemies.

As time went on, Silv began to become a better person. The sight of innocent people dying and psychotic murderers running unchallenged changed him. He started to realize that the world did not revolve around him and that it would need more people than just him to function properly. This, combined with the love he developed for Miku Ziel and the brotherly friendship with C, turned Silv into what he was meant to be: the Guardian of Humanity.

Silv is one of the kindest people you will ever meet. If he knows someone is suffering, he will try his best to help them. He has even offered his enemies a chance join his side and redeem themselves, although only one out of many accepted. Although, even though he is kind, he is not that forgiving. He can forgive people for doing things that, in reality, are not too big of a deal, but when it comes to the deaths of others and endangering the city/world/humanity then that is where he draws the line.

The belief that everyone can be saved has been torn to pieces in Silv's mind. He has accepted that he cannot save everyone, but he can still save as many as possible. His mind and heart finally took in this truth after the Eight Hour War occured, where Silv and his allies were only able to save about 40% of the human race.

The belief that a true hero does not kill is nothing more than lies to Silv. He believes that there are villains out there who will never change their ways, so in order to protect the rest of humanity from them, they must be wiped out. He does not find joy in taking another's life. He views it merely as protecting everyone else.

Silv has a large amount of patience, especially for those he cares for. He once stood silently next to his lover's, Miku, hospital bed while she recovered from injuries. He stood there for days, waiting for her to awaken. His patience extends to those who are ignorant or less intelligent than him. Silv has no qualms with explaining concepts and situations to others, nor does he have any problems listening to others explain things to him.

Design and ConceptEdit

Silv originally had a very simple design. He was a robot. A ball with stick arms and stick legs. This design was later turned into a human form, which was given to him by the villain Cloako, as the human form did not have any sort of technology-based defenses against mind control like the robotic body did. The design of Silv's human form was made from his robotic form. The black undersuit he wears is a homage to the black sticks that made the orginal design's arms and legs. The boots and wrist bangles were based on the boots and gloves the original design had as well.

Silv's personality was decided upon from the fact that his creator wanted a rebellious troublemaker as the main character. The creator thought it would be more exciting to have a character like that as the lead.

Stats and AbilitesEdit

Silv Stat Chart

Light Blue = "Super" Form

Silv's powers changed drastically throughout the years. Originally, he had any abilities that his creator wanted him to have. This was eventually pointed out by a friend and Silv was given a permanent power set. These abilities changed once he gained a human body. Silv has complete and total control of the supernatural energy within his body and he is able to use it to power up his body and other abilities. When he uses this power to punch, a large fist of energy will follow his attack and land a follow-up hit to his. This also applies to any other attacks made by his own body. He can also use this energy to give himself the power of flight, give his body a nearly impenetrable shield, and increase his speed. Finally, Silv is able to simply fire this energy in blasts, including large beams if powered up enough.

Besides the power of self-energy control, Silv also has superhuman strength, stamina, and durability. He also has high speed, but it's not truly into the superhuman range.

Silv's final power is the ability to go into a type of "super" mode. It is when all the supernatural energy inside is put into use. All the power ups he would nomally receive from powering individual parts of his body are active at once. This means all his physical attacks have an energy trail of the used limb flying behind it, he can fly, fire energy blasts, his speed is increased, and his durability is increased due to a weak barrier around him.


Silv was originally a human's brain inside a robotic shell. The exact age of the brain is unknown, but when asked how old he was, he said 16. Having no idea what to do with his life since he was in a hideous robotic shell, Silv left with his best friend Asuya and the two decided to see the world with Asuya's very own ship. This ship used a certain type of crystal as the engine's core and, eventually, the two needed more of this crystal. Asuya found an abandoned mine with a large supply of this material deep within it. Silv went inside the cave while Asuya monitored him from the ship. After dealing with the ancient security, he found the engine crystal and barely escaped with his life, having to escape the clutches of a large, extremely powerful, robot.

Alas, something went wrong anyway. The new crystal ended up being incompatible with the ship and it crashed onto an island. The local police quickly investigated the crash site, finding Silv and Asuya alive. The police chief, Valsen, took in Asuya for questioning, while Silv went on his own to explore the city.

While Silv was looking through the shops and businesses of the city, he encountered a girl named Taki, who quickly offered to give him a tour. This was interrupted, however, by an enormous snake-like creature with arms and incredibly large claws. Silv and Taki quickly faced off with the creature, with Taki revealing her ability with magic. The two defeated the creature but failed to kill it and it escaped. However. during the fight Taki had attempted to read the mind of the snake creature, yet only received small pieces. While she never fully revealed what she saw, she quickly informed Silv that they needed to fix his ship quickly and head to a city in the next country: Riz City.

After Asuya was released and repaired the ship, the group took off towards Riz City, having also been joined by Valsen, who had a lead for a case in the same spot. The group followed Taki, who was leading the group based on the information gained from the snake creature, and eventually came to the abandonded part of Riz City, full of dilapidated and unused buildings. After going to a particular building, the group found a hidden door into a basement. They proceeded down into it and found a horrific sight. Hundreds of people being genetically-altered and turned into monstrous abominations. Valsen, Asuya, and Taki attempted to find a way to release the people, while Silv went deeper into the facility, believing it was more important to explore the place.

As Silv was exploring alone, he was confronted by the snake-like creature again, who was now seeking revenge. After a brutal battle, he managed to impale the creature with its own claws, after ripping off one of its arms. Before Silv had any time to celebrate his victory he was confronted by someone else. A man with a brown cloak and forest-green hair. After a brief conversation, Silv attacked the man. Asuya, Valsen, and Taki arrived just in time to see the cloaked man destroy the ground under Silv's feet, sending him down into the darkness below.

Silv eventually awoke, finding himself in an abandoned lab, with a lone capsule in the center. He approached the capsule and saw a woman with long blonde hair. As he gently touched it, it activated and released the girl. She awoke minutes later and introduced herself as Miku. Upon further investigation of the lab, Silv found out this girl was bio-engineered in an attempt to make a superhuman assassin. He decided to keep this information to himself.

During his time away from his friends, Silv became extremely close with Miku. She was capable of seeing the person inside, despite his robotic body. This helped the two become the best of friends. A few days after this, the duo was found by a humanoid robot. The robot demanded that Silv give Miku to him, but of course, he refused. The two quickly engaged in battle with Silv quickly losing. Miku then stepped in and defeated the robot in seconds. Afterwards, Silv looked through the remains of it and found the letters S.I. within its helmet. The two decided this was unimportant went home.

Later on Asuya, Valsen, and Taki were finally reunited with Silv. Valsen then proceeded to tell Silv and Miku that they had been investigating the experiments within the facility they had been in before. Valsen had found that the laboratory was ran by an organization named Silent Infantry. Silv showed his friends the piece of the robot's helmet with the S.I. logo on it, which Asuya pointed out was the same logo that the Silent Infantry had. Valsen theorized that the organization had been the one behind the robot attack on Silv and Miku, as well as the snake-creature back on the island. The group decided that they would go find the headquarters of the Silent Infantry and find out just what they were up to.

The group eventually managed to find the headquarters of the Silent Infantry. They broke through the defenses and got into the towering fortress. Once inside the group was greeted by a duplicate of Silv. It immediately attacked the heroes. All but Silv and Miku were swiftly defeated. After a long battle, the duplicate was finally destroyed. It was at this point that the cloaked, green-haired man from before reappeared. The man took his cloak off, revealing he had four, slanted, blood-red eyes. Before Silv or his friends could say anything, the man turned into a large black demon with one single horn, claws, and needle-like wings.

The demon introduced himself as Darklord and revealed that Miku was his personal creation and that she was a massive failure. He had wanted an assassin without a conscious. Miku had somehow developed one during creation and so Darklord had left her in stasis. Valsen questioned why the demon had started those experiments in the first place. Darklord said that the experiments were done in order to find a way to make a perfect superhuman who would obey all his commands. He then said that he would now kill Silv and his friends, then use their bodies in his experiments. Their deaths would also break Miku, allowing for easy manipulation.

At this point, Silv had enough and attacked the black demon. After a grueling and agonizing battle, Darklord met his demise. The heroes proceeded to destroy the entire building, ending the activities of the Silent Infantry forever.

Three years later, Silv, with a new robotic body, was living in Riz City with Miku. While Asuya, Valsen, and Taki had gone their own ways. During those years several kinds of bio-mechanical creatures, called Demicals, began appearing and terrorizing humanity. Silv was currently chasing one of the most powerful, named Zagin. He managed to corner the Demical on a rooftop and the two faced off. Silv was defeated and launched off the rooftop, crashing into the street below. Miku found him at this point and informed him of a small army of Demicals heading towards the city. They quickly ran to the entrance of the city and saw the group in the distance. Moments before the small army arrived, Asuya, Valsen, and Taki arrived. They informed Silv and Miku that they knew where the Demicals were coming from and that they needed help. Silv told them that the incoming group needed to be dealt with first. The five heroes banded together once again and began fighting the small army.

Halfway through the battle a beam of white energy rained down from the sky, annihilating a large number of the remaining Demicals. A man with a red scarf soon landed in front of Silv and the others, introducing himself as C. He quickly finished off the remaining enemies and informed Silv and his allies that he needed their help. Silv questioned why and C told him that he also knew the source of the Demicals, and he had found Silv's location from records within a secondary headquarters of the Silent Infantry. Before they could say anything about why that group was still active, C assured them that he had handled that base and there were none left.

The group then began to travel towards the source of the Demicals, being joined by Valsen's demonic rival, Dragoon, during their journey. They encountered a creature of darkness, enveloped in a cloak after this. The creature introduced itself as Cloako, which made C scream at it in anger. C revealed that Cloako had been a scientist at the Silent Infantry base he had destroyed. He also revealed that Cloako was a normal human scientist at the time and that he had killed him. His new form and survival confused the scarfed teen greatly, but also angered him. It seemed that the demonic scientist had taken the life of someone precious to him.

A brief battle took place, where Cloako single-handedly defeated all of the heroes. Something caught his attention afterwards and he was forced to leave before finishing them off.

The heroes eventually reached their destination: a massive facility underneath JX City. As they explored it, they found the majority of it to be relatively empty. This greatly confused the group and Silv and the others began to accuse C of deliberately leading them to nowhere. C denied this, but the group would not listen to him. The scarfed teen left the group in frustration.

Silv, Taki, Asuya, Valsen, and Dragoon all began heading back to Riz City. As the group passed through JX City, however, blood-red fire bursted forth from the ground as large cracks began spreading through the land. Thousands of demons began rising from the ground and attacking everyone they could see. During this chaos an enormous metal and flesh gate began rising out of the ground with Cloako standing on top. Silv questioned him about what was going on and the demonic scientist cackled before explaining.

The reason that the facility under the city had been empty was because Cloako had already gathered all the Demicals down there into his own personal army. He then split the army into six groups and sent each one, along with one of his lieutenants, to each gate in the world. Then they all sacrificed the souls within the Demicals to open each gate at the same exact time. These gates were gates to Hell. Their opening allowed the demons from that realm to flood out into the human world. Valsen, Asuya, Taki, and Dragoon all went out to four of the other gates, while Commander Miya, leader of JX City's military, Walther, her recently recruited head scientist, and Zemna, a powerful Ramia warrior, went out to the fifth gate with the majority of her army, leaving a small force to assist Silv, C, and Miku against Cloako and the main gate. During the operation, Miya's group met a woman, whom had identified herself as Archimedes, that assisted the group, then disappeared, and repeated the process several times.

The battle began to turn into a disaster, as Valsen, Asuya, Taki, and Dragoon died one-by-one. Miya and her army were soon forced to retreat back to JX City. Her top field scientist, Walther, had discovered at the previous gate that the gate at JX City was the MAIN one. He informed Silv and the others that closing that gate would close the others. Not instantly, but gradually. Silv grudgingly agreed to this option, as it was the only one left. As he saw his belief to save everyone shatter before him, he was attacked by Cloako, who had gained incredible powers from the energy coming from Hell. The demonic scientist gave Silv a flesh and blood body, then forced him under his command. Miku was able to bring him back to his senses with a passionate kiss.

Silv, Zemna, and C then attacked Cloako, while Miku, Miya, and Archimedes held the invading demons back from getting them. The final Demical, Zagin, returned during the battle and assisted his enemy, Silv, against Cloako. He was heavily injured during the battle, then thrown into the gate by the demonic scientist. As Zagin fell into the depths of Hell, he wished his former enemy good luck. Encouraged by the Demical's noble sacrifice, Silv managed to strike a fatal blow to Cloako, but as the demonic scientist lay dying he struck one final blow against C, killing him.

After Cloako's death and the retreat of the surviving demon army, Silv and Walther proceeded to close the gate. Walther conducted a magical ritual while Silv physically closed the gate with a suit of highly-advanced armor Walther made in order to protect him from the hellish energies. The ritual made the gate vanish, back into Hell where it belonged but not before C snuck back out from the realm and back into his body.

The final calculations were made, and it was declared that 60% of the human race had been killed in, what was then known as, The Eight Hour War. Silv became devastated by this and sank into a depression. Miya, ignoring this fact, asked Silv if he was ready to be humanity's protector. He looked at her and nodded. Silv was then known as The People's Hero.

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