Origins Suzuki

Suzuki Hellblaze, drawn by Greed

"I take it out on you because you're the only person I have left. You're the only one who actually cares about me."Edit

Suzuki Hellblaze is a very well-known character, having appeared in almost every RP in some form alongside Carl Makkura. She was created long before Chronicles of Sollius, but appeared a little before the middle of its lifespan.


Suzuki is mostly known as being cruel, sadistic, a nymphomaniac and possibly psychotic. She is often very aggressive and very sexual towards others, often to Carl since he is the one who is near her most often.

Suzuki has a very complex mind. Her thoughts are often interrupted by other thoughts that serve no purpose to her current activities. These random, disruptive, thoughts often make her uneasy and worrisome. While she is easily able to hide these feelings behind a mask of cruelty and anger, there are times where she simply cannot do this anymore and lets her feelings burst forth like a waterfall. In a way, her mind itself is bipolar.

Suzuki's sexual obsession often makes her extremely flirtatious. She has no problems flirting with males or females. This aspect of her sometimes combines with her aggression, making her force herself upon others. She has stopped herself several times, but there have been times where she could not control herself at all and became consumed with her lust. The reason for Suzuki's sexual obsession is a mystery, but many have theorized that it has something to do with her past.

While she rarely shows it, Suzuki's heart is filled with an incredible amount of hatred. She has hatred towards her brother, Krizno for tearing her family apart and forcing her to reside in the human world. She has hatred for the human race in general, as she believes the majority of them are ignorant and live in their own little worlds. This is caused from the fact that no one is willing to help her against her brother. The reasons for people's refusals vary. Some refused because they believe all demons are evil and that Suzuki was attempting to manipulate them. Others refused because they preferred to deal with their own problems and had no time to deal with someone else's, let alone a demon's.

When it comes down to it, Suzuki is selfish. Her main concerns are her problems and she rarely gives a thought to anyone else's. The only exception to this is Carl, although she may actually pay attention to his problems only because she does not want him to rebel against her. Suzuki does not care about the concepts of "good" or "evil". She believes that reality and its inhabitants are too complicated to be classified in only two categories. Whenever she hears someone say that someone else is good or evil, she merely says it is their opinion.

Underneath her cruel personality lies a softer, gentler side of Suzuki. She shows this side of herself for the briefest of moments and only to those she considers close to her. In reality, Suzuki is very confused, emotionally. She does not understand the concept of love and has difficulty finding value in friends. Her attempts to understand such things often ends in disaster, hurting her heart. Her counter to this pain is her sadistic and psychotic ways.

Design and ConceptEdit

Suzuki's creation stemmed from the fact Slvr wished to make an extremely powerful, yet morally blurred, female character. The decision to make her a demon was also a result of this, as demons are most often evil, while Suzuki is neither good or evil. The character's role in the storyline was decided later on, which is where the majority of her personality came from. Slvr wanted to make a character who could be hated, yet also sympathized with, and believed that making the character have an emotional wall would accomplish such a thing.

The decision to give Suzuki OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) never came. The realization that the character had this disorder occured minutes before writing this page.

Suzuki's physical appearance was worked over several times, yet the long ponytail and blood-red hair were constants. Originally, it was desired for her to have a complicated design and she ended up having odd armor. This was later dropped for more simplified clothing, ending with a t-shirt, jeans, and scarf.

Suzuki's power over fire was added once it was decided that she would be a demon. The fact that Slvr made no fire-wielding characters before this also may have had something to do with it.

Stats and AbilitesEdit

Suzuki Stat Chart

Suzuki has the base powers of a demon such as superhuman strength, speed, durability, and stamina. However, her abilities are much stronger than any normal demon. When Carl was still developing his powers Suzuki was about three times as powerful as him. So, overall, she is quite powerful. Although she uses energy-based attacks more oftan than physical ones, unlike Carl.

Suzuki is a demon of fire, so she is one of the most powerful fire users to ever live. She is completely immune to it and can absorb any flames to temporarily increase her power or heal any wounds. She is capable of generating an unlimited amount of fire of varying temperatures. The hottest she she can generate is capable of melting steel.

Suzuki's control over fire has even given her the ability to turn it into pure energy. She has taught herself how to make this energy into various melee weapons, including whips, spears, maces, and swords. Her preferred weapon is a fire-energy scimitar, although she does use a whip form often as well.

The only disadvantages Suzuki has, when compared to Carl, is the fact that she does not become stronger after recovering from severe injuries and her healing factor is not as potent. She is capable of recovering from all types of injuries, so long as she does not lose a limb. Organs can be healed if they are damaged, but not if completely destroyed.


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