"The world needs someone who can protect it anonymously. Someone who has infinite reach, but can't be reached. I plan to fill that role if I can."Edit

Walther is a character in Ankaa who operates behind the scenes to ensure the stability of the world. He is a very important non-player character in Ankaa, and has played a major role in much of the RP's backstory. He is most well known for his involvement in the Eight Hour War and Xerxes' origin story. Walther often recruits other player characters to do things he and his partner Zemna can't do on their own. Currently, only Zemna, Ivy and Byakutora are under his command, though he plans on recruiting more people in the future.

Stats and AbilitiesEdit

Walther stat chart

Theme Song Edit

F-Zero GX AX Pilot Themes-03-DR

F-Zero GX AX Pilot Themes-03-DR. Robert Stewart (HQ)