"Don't let your past prevent you from living life to the fullest. There's only more goodness to come as we move forward on the sunny road to paradise."Edit

Zemna is a character designed by Tokromar and made for Ankaa. He was originally concieved as a custom player character in Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and was supposed to make his first appearance in Ethona. However, Tokromar sadly wasn't able to properly fit him into the setting in a way that satisfied him. In Ankaa, his design is finally put to good use as a cool, relaxed, positive thinking Ramia with wisdom that reflects his 5000 years of living. Tok likes to consider him the 'cool big bro' of all the Ankaa characters. He's also one of Tokromar's own favorite creations.


Design and ConceptEdit

Zemna had a personality even when he was nothing but an Argonian player character Tokromar made for Oblivion. In games like Oblivion, Dragon Age, Knights of the Old Republic and so on, the player has to design the appearance and specialties of the main character that the games' stories revolved around. Tokromar always took extra care to give his custom characters appearances that reflected their personalities. He never made a character without wondering how they would act if they were NPCs themselves. Zemna in particular was designed to be a cool, free-spirited adventurer with wisdom to spare. He was the kind of person who would seek adventure for the sake of it, rather than for profit or reward.

Over time, the character evolved to a point where Tokromar wanted to insert him into an RP. Tokromar's original plan was to put him in Ethona as a vigilante who fought demons, but Tok was unable to design his character in a way that did his beloved Oblivion PC justice. After Ethona was abandoned and once Ankaa's gears started moving, Tokromar knew exactly what he was going to do with his design. And so, Zemna was truly born as a cool, smooth RP character that he could feel proud of.

Zemna's design in Ankaa was created to be smooth, relaxed, and lovable. (to be continued)

Stats and AbilitiesEdit

Zemna new stat chart


Theme SongEdit


S.S.H. - Warriors of Destiny ~ Lost Child

Persona 4 - Youthful Lunch

Persona 4 - Youthful Lunch

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